Medicinal plants can be the key in doubling farmers income

The Modi Government has set a target of doubling of farmers income by 2022. In order to generate high income , agriculture extension worker are trying to convince farmers to adopts IPR , orchard plantation or change their farming method from traditional to modern . However,high yielding crops required high amount of inputs (fertilizers,pesticide,high seed rate,etc) , this cause high input cost to farmers . High doses of fertilizer can pollute soil,and water . By keeping all this in mind farmer can switch to medicinal plant for enhancing farm income.

Reasons to choose medicinal plant cultivation:-

India is the home of quite ancient medicinal and aromatic plants. These plans are the integral part of Indian forests.

  • Income returns to farmer from cultivation of medicinal plants are quite high.
  • The cultivation of certain Himalayan herbs generate profit about 8000 to 55000 per hactare.
  • About 162 species are exported from India and drugs made out of them worth Rs 500 crore.
  • It has great demand among ayurvedic company like Dabur,Zandu ,Patanjali,Vicco etc.

Government supports

National AYUSH Mission
In year 2015-16 National Mission on Medicinal Plants has merged with National AYUSH Mission .As per scheme guideline ,the assistance is provided to the extent of 100% to public sector and 50% to private sector .The Andhra Pradesh State Medicinal and Aromatic plant Board sponsored the CIMAP’s Hyderabad Centre to encourage medicinal plants cultivation.
It provide assistance between 20-50 % of the cost of cultivation,depending on the crop

Scope of medicinal plants in Bihar and Jharkhand

Jharkhand is home to many traditional medicinal plants .the tribes of jharkhand has great knowledge about ancient system of medicine ,ayurvedic plants and herbs the farmers can utilised this knowledge and can produce high amount of medicinal plants . Many medicinal plant like Citronella,Tulsi, Aloe vera along with others medicinal herbs are cultivated in Jharkhand and Bihar.

Popular Medicinal plants which has great demands

Chandan,Kalmegh,Ashwaganndha,Satavari,Chirata,Katki,Ashoka,Safed Musli,Senna,Indian Merberry,Bael,Long Pepper,Jatamansi,Brahmi,Madhunashini,Giggal

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