Test your agricultural knowledge

Agricultural quiz

  1. Test your Agricultural knowledge via PuchoKisan Quiz.

Highly Recommended to Agricultural students


  • In order to play Quiz You must Register (It’s totally free,and provide ranking in leaderboard)
  • Those who already register ,don’t need to do it again.
  • All question are MCQ
  • total time 5 minutes.
  • total marks 65
  • Questions are divided into four categories
  • History categories have 4 questions which has 1 marks each.
  • Agronomy categories have 12 questions which has 2 marks each.
  • Soil science have 4 questions which has 3 marks each.
  • Plant pathology have 5 questions which has 5 marks each.

Leaderboard: Agricultural quiz

maximum of 65 points
Pos. Name Entered on Points Result
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When you register yourself then it will bring you on My account page. in order to play quiz just scroll down then you will find quiz post heading in read more section click on it and enjoy playing quiz

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